Tuesday, July 9, 2013

True Blue Style - Take 2

(Me Now)
I started True Blue Style in 2010 because I am creative person who, at the time, was being smothered by a toxic work environment that didn't pay very well. I needed a creative outlet, and since I was broke, more often than not, I decided I was going to start making those overpriced DIY projects for 75% less than the store price.

The blog started out strong, at least I think it did. I created a Fabric Embellished T-Shirt, a Button Scarflet, Jersey Flower Headbands for my daughters and even shared a recipe for left-over mashed potatoes

When concentrating on True Blue Style, I was focusing on being happy and not on the negativity surrounding my job. Do you know what happened next? I got a new job - an AMAZING job - all due to God and the power of positive thinking. I started the blog in January, and by February I was being offered a new job.

(L to R: Aricka, Von, Kaylee and Rily)
I now work in health care digital marketing and have the best boss and co-workers. The only negative is my hours are now longer and my commute is longer, so I stopped writing True Blue Style. Then God decided I wasn't blessed enough. In October 2010, Rick and I found out we were pregnant with our 4th child and first son - Von! (Insert Praise Music, because I was starting to think my body prohibited the male anatomy from growing inside me.)

Three years have gone by since my last True Blue Style post, but recently the creative bug has bitten me again. This time the culprit is the love/hate relationship I've developed with Pinterest. I love to hate all the creative, great ideas that I won't ever do or can't afford (who's with me?) There is even a whole section for DIY projects; there needs to be a 12-step program for Pinterest addicts like myself. 

(FYI - I don't hate Pinterest. I don't hate anything. So one day when you read this, Kaylee, Aricka, Rily or Von, I know we don't hate anything - we only practice love.)

So, as I am contemplating bringing back True Blue Style, I remember the blessing of the new job three years ago, which I 100% believe was because of my focus on the positive and my release of worry, stress to God. I started celebrating and trusting.

So this time around I want True Blue Style to be about celebrating. Too many times we let life slide right past us with out celebrating God's blessings. So, follow me as I put my creative skills to the test and plan celebrations (a.k.a party planning) on a budget. Remember - I still have 4 kids, and money doesn't grow on trees. True Blue Style is what I call celebrating God with white collar parties on a blue collar budget!

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