Friday, January 15, 2010

Large Jeweled Plaque Necklace

This necklace is my favorite piece of jewelry I have made so far. My best friend Lauren's unique jewelry collection and my husband's nature photography inspired this necklace.

First I took a piece of paper towel to make a pattern. I drew the neckline I wanted by tracing a butter bowel.
Then I used a baby food jar to create the scalloped look.

I then cut out the paper towel pattern and pinned it to a piece of felt folded in two. I cut out the felt pattern, which left me with the a front and back.

Next, spray paint the front felt with your choice of shimmer color. I used Krylon Glitter Spray. While the felt is drying, figure out how you want to arrange your jewels on the paper towel pattern.

When you are ready to sew, start with your center stone and hand sew it on to the front piece of the felt. Then sew your smaller beads around your stone. Due this with each stone, working your way to the outer-edges.

When your done it will look like this. Don't worry about it being perfect. It is the imperfections that make it unique and beautiful.

Next, take the back piece of felt and hot glue two pieces of ribbon.

I messed up on this part. I would recommend gluing the ribbons straight up and down - not at an angle. I also recommend gluing the ribbon just a little closer to the center. *I am going to fix mine, and I will add a picture on Saturday.

After you attach the ribbon hot glue the back piece of felt to the front piece of felt. The ribbon should be sandwiched in between.

This is a picture with the flash. In real life, it is not that shiny!

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